Illust Fusion Expo Information for Applicants

Illust Fusion Expo Information for Applicants

The Illust Fusion EXPO is an event in Bangkok which welcomes all illustrators and artists from amateurs to professionals to exhibit their paintings and hand-made products to thounsands of collector. Illust Fusion EXPO2024 will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 10th-11th, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th floor (MRT Samyan), Bangkok, THAILAND MAP

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For those who have never participated in Illust Fusion, please visit our past event gallery for reference.

Booth Rental Fees

Illust Fusion EXPO 2024 has a total of 2 zones: Hall Zone (inside Samyan Mitr Town Hall) and Foyer Zone (in front of the hall). In the hall, ticket is required. Free admission for visitors for Foyer.

Hall Zone (inside Samyan Mitr Town Hall)

Foyer Zone (Foyer)

Aritst Booth

Reserved for individual creators whose products are mad entirely by themselves, the hall area is suitable for small artists who still have a small number of products or those newcomers to the art convention as booths are divided into smaller units with more affordable price. Artists in this area could also meet collectors who intend to buy goods from the art convention in particular.

For artists who need more space for display, area in the Foyer zone where visitors will meet the booths in this zone first with no admission fee.

Artist booths are only available for an individual artist. For juristic persons or commercial entities such as shops, companies, organizations, etc. who are interested to exhibit in IFEXPO, please refer Exhibitor Booth.

Qualifications of Artist booth applicants
  • Individual artist, not a representative of any juristic person such as shop, company, foundation, association, etc.
  • There is no limitation of gender, age, nationality, art style, experience and skill level.
  • Number of membered individual artists is not limited per one booth. However, only ONE applicant name can be filled in the application form on behalf of the booth owner.
  • Maximum 2 tables is applicable for one applicant.
Permitted Goods
  • Book and illustration such as illustration books, postcards, art prints, notebooks, stickers, bookmarks etc.
  • Live drawing and commissions
  • Art toys  dolls, figures and models
  • Craftworks such as key chains, accessories, leather bags, wood carvings, griptok, mobile phone cases and other products that artists create by themselves.
  • Digital art and NFT Such as image files, sound files, smart phone wallpaper, fonts, etc. which will be sold by purchasing at the booth and sending the files directly to the buyer, or showing samples and instruct buyers to purchase through third-party platforms or service providers.

Hall zone

1/2 Table฿1,200.-฿2,400.-2 ARTIST tickets + half table (75*75 cm) + 1 chairNo
1 Table฿2,400.-฿4,800.-4 ARTIST tickets + 1 table (150*75 cm) + 2 chairsNo
2 Tables฿4,800.-฿9,600.-8 ARTIST tickets + 2 tables (300*75 cm) + 4 chairsNo
EXTRA U Booth฿5,800.-4 ARTIST tickets + 1 table (150*75 cm) + 2 chairs + panelYes
Shell Scheme 2×2฿6,500.-4 ARTIST tickets + 2x2x2.4 m shell scheme booth + 1 table (150*75 cm) + 2 chairsYes
Shell Scheme 2×2 (corner)฿7,500.-4 ARTIST tickets + 2x2x2.4 m shell scheme booth + 1 table (150*75 cm) + 2 chairsYes

Exhibitor Booth

Exhibitor booth is suitable for juridical persons and business entities such as shops, companies, organizations. Product category is not limited just to arts and crafts, yet any that suits the visitor and passes staff’s discretion.

A workshop booth must organize activities that allow event attendees to create products within the booth. This can involve teaching sessions or selling kits for attendees to assemble within the booth. Alternatively, the booth can act as a distributor, allowing customers to test equipment and tools related to arts and crafts, such as sewing machines or drawing tablets. Applicants must provide a sample workshop plan for evaluation.

Failure to organize workshop activities as specified or misuse of booth space, such as solely selling products without hosting activities, or using the space for purposes not indicated in the application form, will result in the forfeiture of the 2,000 baht deposit. Additionally, any damages to the booth space will result in deductions from the deposit (and additional charges if necessary) based on the actual cost of damages.

Foyer zone

Shell Scheme 3×3฿10,7004 EXHIBITOR tickets + 3x3x2.4 shell scheme + 1 table (180*75 cm) + 2 chairsAvailable
Shell Scheme 3×3 (corner)฿12,8404 EXHIBITOR tickets + 3x3x2.4 shell scheme + 1 table (180*75 cm) + 2 chairsAvailable
(security deposit ฿2,000 will be refunded immediately after the completion of the event by the end of Sunday.)
4 EXHIBITOR tickets + 4x3x2.4 system booth + 2 tables (180*75 cm) + 6 chairsAvailable

Corporate client who are interested in becoming a sponsor or ordering a special-sized booth please contact the team via

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General Instructions and Regulations

  1. For Artist booth, products must be the applicant’s creation. Using work of the other’s you do not own is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, i.e., printing an illustration posted on the internet, reselling products of the other’s whose right is not granted to the seller.
  2. An applicant can apply for 1 booth type and 1 zone only.
  3. Both original products and fan arts are permitted.
  4. It is not necessary to have products based on the theme of the event. All artists are free to create and sell their works in their own way. Applicants are most welcomed to enjoy our event even more by having themed products or wearing the same color scheme. However, this is not compulsory and does not affect the consideration of application.
  5. Artists who aim to watercolor, please prepare a piece of rug and a water container for cleaning brushes. Please be careful not to spill or dirty the floor. Refraining from using types of paints that are difficult to clean such as oil paints, chalk and acrylic paints. Please be noted that the artist will be responsible for any damage to the venue occured.
  6. Please be on time for the registration (within 9:45 a.m.) as the will be a substantial number of artist to register in the morning of the show day. Booth set up has to be finished before the event starts (at 10:00 a.m.).
  7. The size of the merchandise and decors must be within the size of the booth the artist owns. Do not exceed neighboring booths, aisles and common areas.
  8. Booth equipment and structures must be durable and stable. Booth owner is fully responsible for any damage occurred to the venue or the participants.
  9. Artists may not reveal or display any merchandise with nudity or cruel illustration.
  10. Do not write, use adhesives, nail or do anything that damages tables, chairs, event equipments and the venue.
  11. Luggages must not be placed in the area of adjacent booth, aisles and other common areas.
  12. Please apply for the number of booths suitable for the number of your booth members and the quantity of your products.
  13. Only ONE chair with be given for one half table and artists are not allowed to use any extra chair of the venue. Please bring your own folding chair (limited to 1 chair per one half table) if neccessary.
  14. During the show day, there might be a lot of attendants. Please be careful and help monitor the safety of the neighboring booths. If a suspicious person or suspicious behavior is found, please notify the nearest staff or security guard immediately.
  15. Please keep the table and the area clean and litter your trash at the spot provided by the staffs.
  16. The organizer reserves the right to dismiss artists who violate the rules from the event without being responsible for the booth rental fee that the artist has paid and will not be responsible for any damage caused by the artist in any case. Violating the rules will affect the consideration of the next artist’s application.
  17. The right to exhibit in the convention is exclusive to the booth owner only. It is strongly forbidden to pass the right and/or resell the booth to the third party without permission from the organizers. Any violation may result in rejection of the next application of both original and new booth owner.
  18. The staff desk will be located in front of the hall entrance. (the same location as the box office) There will be staffs patrolling around the venue at all time. Our staffs are always ready to assist.
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Can fan art products from various fandom (Dojin products) be sold at the event?

Yes. Any type and style of art is permitted to sell in our event. There were many cartoonists who came to attend as well. But because the targets of the event are interested in general art and may not into the cartoon genre. Therefore, we recommend that artists also sell other products or do live drawing commission as a main product and sell cartoon products as a sub will more match with the target group.

Must list of products, quantity and booth members be exactly as I filled in the application form?

No. If you are still unsure, you can fill in an approximate amount. The team only needs this information to know the style of your product and arrange the appropriate booth layout. You can add, reduce the list of your products and member yourself later. If you are unsure if the new product is against the rules of the event please feel free to consult with the staff first.

Can I apply for general artist booth on both days?

Yes, you can apply for one or both days at your choice.

What documents are required for registration?

Approximately 1-2 weeks before the event, you will receive a registration confirmation via email. Please show the QR Code in the email to the staff on the registration desk on the show day. This QR Code can be sent to your fellow booth members without having to be the owner of the booth. However, it can only be used to register according to the number of quotas specified for each booth.

As a Exhibitor booth, do I need to bring all of the belongings back on the first day and set up all over again in the next day?

Exhibitor booth do not need to collect their belongings. After the mall is closed, the hall will be locked and monitored by security guards 24 hours. Please take your valuables such as computers, money boxes and high value goods back with you. For Foyer exhibitors, please brign your own mat to cover your booth.

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Event Schedule

Aapply for booth13 – 28 April 2024
Reserved applicant announcement 10 May 2024
Booth rental fee payment10 – 19 May 2024
Booth and floorplan announcement31 May 2024
Menu image submission 1 June – 7 August 2024
Illust Fusion EXPO 2024 10 – 11 August 2024
Registration 8.30 am – 9.45 am
Activities 10.00 am – 20.00 pm
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